An incorporated Management Approach focused on aligning all aspects of a Cooperative with the wants and needs of its Members that promotes Services Effectiveness and Efficiency while striving for Innovation, Flexibility, and Integration with Technologies.


Services Management System

Membership Information :

  • Members’ Profile Database; includes addition if new members, deletion of expired members, revision & deletion of any data pertaining to any member’s information

Member’s Shares and Dividends :

  • Member’s record of shares subscription and computation of dividends.

Loan Transactions :

  • process loan applications and maintain member’s loan account information on releases and payments collection.

Savings Accounts :

  • maintain savings account and record deposits and withdrawal of members.


Accounting Information System

Financial Information:

  • maintain books of account and generate financial statements.

Operations Information :

  • process account transaction entries on journal vouchers, subsidiary ledgers and account register.


Assets Managements System

Investment Information

  • maintain information and monitor operations of business ventures and other income generating projects.

Procurement and Distribution

  • process procurement procedure and
    record supplies acquisition and


Management System

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